Green Building Certification & Rating Advisory

ASMG has an efficient team of green building consultants to provide efficient and effective advisory services to our clients to acquire green building certificates such as IGBC, LEED and GRIHA. We guide the promoters to comply to the needs of the required rating system as developed by these respective agencies to acquire certification for green building projects. Our experts will hand hold clients to comply every requisites and aspects of the rating system provisions thereby making it a smooth process to reach the
desired outcome. With time and growing necessities, promoters have started developing green buildings and green campuses to have energy efficient projects having lower operational costs, reduced carbon footprint, healthy and pollution free ambiance for its occupants while reaping benefits for savings during post commissioning operations. For the same, agencies such as IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, ASMERO have introduced specific rating and certification programs. The ratings provide the extent of a performance measure through criteria and requisites while referring to specific base case performance criteria. Better performance and
measures compliance ensure higher ratings. These rating systems help promoters establish full proof energy efficient and sustainable development measures while creating provisions for financial savings through reduced energy consumption. Also, these certifications help promoters project themselves as self aware pollution free and healthy spaces for children which on infrastructural as well pedagogy means to ensure overall development of a child in terms of being aware of the environmental issues. This leads to development of conducive environment for students to spend more time in live lab and getting a platform to be aware of the ongoing and upcoming environmental issues which have to be taken into account while moving forward in the direction of development. The Certification and Rating systems of these agencies have different structures and point systems of achieving a particular rating certificate but they broadly revolve around the following aspects

  • Site Planning and Development
  • Construction Management Measures
  • Occupants comfort and well being
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable sources of energy
  • Water Efficiency and Management
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Effective Waste Management practices
  • Socio-Economic Strategies
  • Performance Monitoring and Validations
  • Community development and awareness measures

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